Bringing You Closer! is a way to be able to use the web to spread awareness to the large number of pets available for adoption in a area along with a way to apply to adopt those pets. Our goal is to make the experience feel more friendly and convenient for the potential adopters by focusing on making pet adoption relevant and to promote responsible pet ownership in the users local community.

Campaign Strategy: The focus of Petfinder is to bring potential adopters closer to the pets needing adoption in their local community. Pet adoption, care, and shelter information as well as other information is organized and consolidated in addition to a mile radius pet location filter will improve usability and ease the pet finding process.

This was a group project to improve the overall feel & experience for all the new & current pet owners that use Petfinder. We worked together to make all the outlets cohesive with one another.

Haven Ward: Mobile App Design & Web Design,
Andrew Penhollow: Logo & Ad Concepts,
Deyton Koch: Copywriting & Web Design,
Katie Smith: Copywriting & Social Media.

The identity is clean, simple and effective. The location pin drop is a recognizable symbol that indicates searching, proximity and reaching a destination or goal. The incorporation of the pin drop appropriately relates to the title and tagline.
Color Palette & the Type

There are two typefaces for Petfinder, Cubano, and Klinic Slab. Cubano is only to be used as display type, while Klinic Slab Medium and Kilinc Slab Book is to be used as body copy. The typefaces and Color Pallete were selected to reflect the joy and warmth of becoming a pet owner.
Mobile App

The Petfinder Mobile Application allows users more flexibility to browse for pets and makes it simple to find local shelters by using their phones GPS and being able to connect as well as contact the shelters right from the app.

MobileApp MobileApp MobileApp MobileApp MobileApp MobileApp

Petfinder's website was designed as a fully responsive site to accomadate all users visting their website. When visiting the user is invited to enter their city or zip code, allowing the site to filter for the pets closest to them.

Print advertisements

These advertisements invite readers to interact with a pet and physically bring the pet closer to the person in the image. Unique paper engineering is used to achieve the effect.

The first image is the front of the ad, and then the two images after that are what you see when you open it.
Print Ads
Print Ads
Print Ads
Print Ads
Print Ads
Print Ads

As a promotional event, Petfinder sponsors Pop-Up Pet Parks in local communities. Local shelters, people fostering homeless pets, and pet owners are invited to gather with their pets and see and play with all the pets in need of adoption. Each event has a variety of attractions such as training sessions, petting zoos, friendly competitions, etc. The Pop-Up Pet Parks physically brings pets closer to people, communities together and most importantly inspires people to adopt. No image included.
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